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Cup O Ads

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I drank some flavored sugar n' water, you know that stuff they call koolaid, and I saw the company who made the cups logos and stuff through the bottom, which gave me this idea: put circular ads built into the bottom of the cup! Every time you drink up, you see the ad on the bottom of the cup! Genius!
EvilPickels, Jun 26 2006

Not a million milews away from your idea... Solutions_20at_20th...of_20beer_20glasses
...except its not advertising and more of a play on words. [Jinbish, Jun 27 2006]

One of my favorite ideas here. Nucleadverts
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 27 2006]

it's been done here at the 'bakery bottom-of-the-glass_20advertising
so....redundant then? [xandram, Jun 28 2006]


       I thought this said "Cup O Aids". Oh well.
nihilo, Jun 27 2006

       nice one [EP].
moomintroll, Jun 27 2006

       i spent an hour on google, because I know I've heard of this idea before, but I still found nothing-so..bun for you
tatmkr, Jun 27 2006

       I thought I'd seen it before, too. But I'm not about to spend an hour on Google if [tatmkr]'s done the work already.
nihilo, Jun 27 2006

zen_tom, Jun 28 2006

       [-] advertising is bad, I hate advertising.
webfishrune, Jun 28 2006


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