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Bounced signal time capsule

Use a big mirror a long way away
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Build a big concave mirror in space. Send it quickly away from earth, but in an attitude that leaves it pointing toward earth. Shine a powerful laser at it containing the current events of the day, messages for the future, whatever.
Voice, Aug 31 2007


       It would have to be a very long way away to even get 1 year's delay.   

       This just in: Bush in trouble over Iraq, Rooney recovering from foot injury.   

       Well that was worth the billions of dollars.
Texticle, Aug 31 2007

       I was always moved to frustration every time I was reminded of the 'time capsule' they sent to space as a stab in the dark at contacting extra terrestrials, fitted with a golden record of earth sounds and no player. No instructions. Just a record. Sure, it's possible that sentient beings are going to understand enough about a grooved golden disc to build a damn turntable, but is it reasonable? I guess it still moves me to frustration.
monk, Aug 31 2007

       Stuff here on earth could be destroyed or stolen.
Voice, Aug 31 2007

       Or just send the time capsule in a long elliptical orbit around the sun, so it comes back to us (or, rather, our distant descendents) in the distant future.
DrCurry, Aug 31 2007

       Outside of history books and things, what good would it do us? Besides, who would watch the broadcast? I don't watch the stuff I TiVo, let alone an entire pre-recorded broadcast of the 6 o'clock news.
WhereYouAt, Jul 22 2008


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