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Crowd gatherer

Apparatus to assemble a crowd on demand
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Picture this: The mall is deserted, plastic bags and spilt ice-cream litter the floor. You look around, there is no movement. You sneek a peak in the store window. In the reflection of the window you see your face, and, wait a moment... You wheel around to find a crowd straining to look over your shoulder.

It always happens!

So, it's really quite simply to raise a crowd, just use the portable store window apparatus, unroll it and stare into it for a few moments.

Why you should want to raise a crowd in the first place, I will leave to your imagination.

Ling, Jan 18 2004


       Know what you mean UnaBubba,this bloody monkey in a dress wont stop following me around.
skinflaps, Jan 19 2004

       There are much better crowd gather'er's, than store fronts.   

       All you really need is a buxom women to lift her shirt up, a crowd will gather instantly, anywhere......
SystemAdmin, Jan 19 2004

       // It always happens! //   

       It's never happened to me! What's wrong with me?   

       Surely the best way to gather a crowd would be to shout "look there's <insert celebrity name> going into <insert location where crowd required>"
dobtabulous, Jan 19 2004


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