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Box o' cockroaches

Pretty much what it sounds like
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A mail-order service for roach eggs and/or nymphs.

Do with them what you will. My plan was to pour the eggs into the computer case of my arch-nemesis. I figure no matter what happens after that, I'll get a good laugh.

Note: Could be expanded to include spiders!

phoenix, Feb 13 2002

Bag o' Australian Plague Locusts http://www.halfbake..._20Plague_20Locusts
Yum! [arghblah, Feb 14 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Cockroach egg cases cemented to circuitry eventually cause corrosion and failure.   

       I've been handed tape recorders with families of roaches in them with a "was working yesterday" claim. It is good excercise for the soul, resisting the temptation to bung the damn thing back into their face.
neelandan, Feb 14 2002

       "Cockroach egg cases cemented to circuitry eventually cause corrosion and failure."
Which is exactly the point. Mmuuaahahahhahahahaha!
phoenix, Feb 14 2002

       The home delivery service could be called "Coach o' Roaches".
pottedstu, Feb 14 2002

       [Rods]: I often wondered what a cricket box was.
angel, Feb 14 2002

       In my university days, some joker let a thousand crickets loose in the hallways of the engineering building. Drove everyone up the walls for weeks. Good prank though.
TBK, Dec 07 2002

       Get your cockroach infested radio, toaster, or perhaps computer; put it in a plastic bag; stick it in the freezer for a few days. Take device out. Let warm out in warm air. Then again let condensed water evaporate.   

       In a few weeks, the dead bodies will dry up and the smell go away.   

       Problem solved.
Great Satan, Jun 21 2003


       God almighty someone make this go away before I read it. (insect fear)
snarfyguy, Jun 22 2003


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