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Boycott this!

Use a phone and boycott things with it
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This phone app would allow a person to make his own boycott list or download one. It would include cascading lists of products and allow secondary and tertiary product line awareness. If you really, really hate Shell you can boycott every product with a sub-component made by a company that commonly uses Shell. If you hate the Coca Cola corporation you could boycott each of the different products they make.

Optionally you could send information about what you're boycotting and why to the app, which would maintain an aggregate list on the back end to sell to companies.

Stores that use item tagging would be supported: When you're moving and a boycotted product is with you it would alert you to that fact. Or you could take a photo of your basket of goods and it could identify and outline items on your boycott list. When AR glasses come back into style it will support those too. And finally it would be possible for stores to integrate with your list. Just connect to the store's device by Bluetooth and the cashier or self-checkout lane will let you know when you've scanned something on the list.
Voice, Jun 14 2022

Same idea, none of the features. https://www.buycott.com/
[Voice, Jun 14 2022]


       What if your target was Google Play / Apple?
RayfordSteele, Jun 14 2022


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