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Always know the celebrity announcer
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It's late at night, the tv is blaring as you drift off to sleep. A gritty, barely recognizable voice comes on encouraging you to shop at Lowe's. You sit up in bed, your synapses firing through the far reaches of your hippocampus. 12 hours later you're late for work, still in your bed, sweating profusely, all in the vain attempt to identify the owner of that inescapable voice.

Enter celebrityendorsements.com. CE kindly lets you know it's Gene Hackman who lends his chords to Lowe's commercials.

CE would be a wiki site where users identify the voices that are featured in commercials. It may just be me but I like to be able to recognize the voice talking to me. If I can't I don't lose sleep over it, but it does bother me a bit. Between all the users on the internet I'm sure every major commercial could be identified.

For starters I leave you with "Panasonic, Ideas.. for Life" by Mr. Christian Slater (see how easy it is!)

bmalicoat, Dec 22 2006


       From the advertisers point of view, not knowing and the subsequent speculation, discussion and insomnia are an excellent outcome. Having said that, it wouldn't be hard to do.
xenzag, Dec 22 2006

       Ohhh, I thought I was recognising that voice! Thanks [bmalicoat]!
PollyNo9, Dec 22 2006


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