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Braille Shirt

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1) Buy a t-shirt with /To His Coy Mistress/ printed in braille across the chest.

2) Give said shirt to girlfriend.

3) Ask that said girlfriend put on said shirt.

3) Remark "How I love Marvell!".

4) Procede to read shirt.

(Note that the idea stems from a real shirt I have that has "Microsoft" printed in Braille on the left breast. Note also that I am indeed a male.)

nilstycho, Jun 30 2004

Marvell: To His Coy Mistress http://www.blupete....try/CoyMistress.htm
Ah. Nothing to do with superheroes, then. [jutta, Sep 02 2006]

(neilp) that 'do not touch' braille artwork http://www.cibernetic.com/art/obra18.html
Tsk, where were you when mrthingy posted that same idea in 2002? [jutta, Sep 03 2006]

notvanilla's line of braille t-shirts http://www.notvanil...aillet-shirtsa.html
"harder faster deeper" isn't exactly epic poetry, but hey. [jutta, Sep 03 2006]

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       It'd have to be a pretty big shirt as braille takes up a fair amount of space. A Shakespeare sonnet like 'Let me not to the Marriage of true minds' would fit much better.
oneoffdave, Jun 30 2004

       Maybe eeny meenie miney moe?
bristolz, Jun 30 2004

       Confusing in cold weather, no?
squeak, Aug 19 2004

       Me thinks that, although I love the idea, a blind person wouldn't think to "read" the braille on the shirt. So, unless you could see what to read in braille, or you were being groped by a blind braille reader, its application is limited.
biff, Aug 08 2006

       "Hey, there's a typo here. And here."
jutta, Sep 02 2006

       reminds me of that 'do not touch' braille artwork.
neilp, Sep 03 2006


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