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Braille hammer

nailed it...
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Batteries are contained within the hammers' handle.

Where the handle meets the head of this hammer is contained two small dual opposed flywheels within a gimbal, on either side of a small yet powerful electric motor.
Flip the on switch and within a few seconds these flywheels attain their maximum speed.
A magnetic recess atop the hammers' head holds a nail for initial placement. Once a nail is placed, the head of the hammer is then rested upon the nail-head and an ergonomically situated thumb-button is depressed. Pressing this button activates circuitry designed to measure the push and pull of tiny hydraulic pistons which can reorient the gimbal housing these flywheels.

Using Midi-stick technology the exact moment of cessation of backswing is determined and these push/pull rods then enact the exact opposite orientations of the gimbal from when the hammer was drawn back, causing the head of the hammer to return along the exact path it was withdrawn from, no matter how wonky the swing, guaranteeing that one hits the nail right on its head for each and every swing until a new nail is set in the magnetic cradle.

Inspiration Midi_20Learning_20iHammer
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 05 2015]

Midistick tech. http://www.midisticks.ltd.uk/
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 05 2015]


       What is this "Midi-stick technology" of which you speak?
Dub, Oct 04 2015

       Hey [dub] we had a brail clue recently?   

       2 fries meet dub :-)
po, Oct 04 2015

       Hey [Dub]. : ]   

       Hey, [2 fries]. Might have had a Braille clue for something... {7 up}
Dub, Oct 04 2015

       nice link [fries]
po, Oct 05 2015


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