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Hammer stones set

Set of 14 sized hammer stones in attractive faux leather brief case.
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Set of fourteen found hammer stones of sizes and weights to handle most hammering tasks. While primarily made and sold to those teaching and learning archeology, they are handy for many home and office tasks. Each stone has its own pocket in the brief case so they don't grind or bump into each other. In this way all wear marks will come from sophomores attempting to use the stones in class room assigned tasks.

Gift wrapping and card available. Brief case comes with two handles standard ever since that unfortunate shoulder dislocation incident. Lifting entire case solo is not recommenced.

popbottle, Feb 03 2014

stones http://www.flickr.c...aeology/2805105307/
Not rolling stones (14 is a guess and would pull your arm out of socket.) [popbottle, Feb 03 2014]


       [+] of course... okay, why 14 ?
FlyingToaster, Feb 03 2014

       Slightly baked in Russian engineer joke, opens tool case to expose range of teeny, weeny hammers to very big ones.   

       Obviously yours are (a) found and (b) stones, so some clear blue water in there.
not_morrison_rm, Feb 03 2014

       // Russian engineer joke //   

       Polish engineer joke, opens tool case to expose one large hammer.
8th of 7, Feb 03 2014

       [+] Because I have used stones as a hammer!
xandram, Feb 03 2014

       When all you have is a hammer everything seems like a sickle.
theircompetitor, Feb 03 2014

       When all you have is a hammer, everything seems like a ncheese toastie.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 04 2014

       If I had one of these, I'd hammer in the morning. I'd hammer in the evening. All over this land. I tell you every single thing in this land is going to get some hammering in the morning or in the evening. Some days right through lunch.
bungston, Feb 04 2014

       Think I'll take a knap, maybe just flake out for a while.   

       [+] because I'm very fond of hammers and also fond of collections of things set into faux leather cases, especially if the cases have glass fronts and polished bronze clasps.
Alterother, Feb 04 2014

       I like this more now. As a humorous objet (do the French leave out the b _and_ the c?) d'art. I envision a mutlipocketed tool belt - leather, its pockets shiny with a lifetime of use, and with souvenirs of project past daubed on them. The sort of tool belt I imagine Victorian tradesmen wore, passed down from their fathers. In each pocket is a different stone - no two alike in shape or mineral, but with the commonality that all fit the hand and are clearly tools.   

       Stone age people must have had tool belts of this sort. If I were a stone ager I would not want to leave my prize tools laying around for some wannabe to abscond with. I am thinking now that some of these tool belts may have survived to the present age.
bungston, Feb 05 2014

       The fact that the case proposed here is faux is a humorous juxtaposition to the fact that the tools are the oldest type known. I am sure that Yiddish has a word for this sort of irony.
bungston, Feb 05 2014


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