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Bread Frisbee™

No obvious catgory.
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A Frisbee™ made of leavened bread dough, baked until rigid but still edible.

Optionally, with pizza toppings.

Method of attaching toppings TBA. Our research team will be back at work as soon as they've cleaned up (again).


Food: Sport Food:Bread:Toy Food:Pizza:Projectile

8th of 7, Nov 09 2010

baked but not baked http://www.boingboi...ic-grilled-bre.html
[jaksplat, Nov 18 2010]


       In what way is this not, de facto and per pudendum, an actual pizza?
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 09 2010

       It's a pizza hybrid; the aerodynamic underside allows it to fly further, and improves the chance of it landing topping uppermost.   

       Experimentation indicates that garlic bread is less liable to "cast off", but has a short launch window between butter application and losing rigidity due to surface permeation by melted dairy product, resulting in catastrophic structural failure.
8th of 7, Nov 09 2010

       ok, if you play, you must catch it in your mouth +
xandram, Nov 09 2010

       I'm smelling a Buttered Toast idea in here somewhere.....
Boomershine, Nov 09 2010

       [+] Great way to get your dog interested in Frisbee.
leinypoo13, Nov 09 2010

       No, that would be 'Meat Frisbee', and I'm sure 8th is already on that one as well.
daseva, Nov 09 2010

       category: food:bread:dwarf
FlyingToaster, Nov 09 2010

       //per pudendum//   

       For shame? I smell a red herring, [Max].
infidel, Nov 10 2010


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