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Bread Storage/Toaster/Warmer

thanks to Hollywood for the inspiration!
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In Hollywood's idea, we can have 4 slices of toast ready at 6:30 am for buttering. The problem is that I know I will stumble into the kitchen at 6:36 and my toast will already be cold. Therefore, I propose that not only does the toaster store the bread and toast the bread, but that it then deposits the toast in a compartment where hot air jets (think "blowdryer") will keep the toast all toasty until you appear to butter it.
runforrestrun, Mar 02 2002


       sorry runf, but I think toast is one of those things that one cooks and then one eats. all hot and crisp and dripping in butter ; not warmed over and soggy. I suppose I've blown the job offer now!.
po, Mar 02 2002

       not at all, po ;-) are you really willing to be a USAian?   

       In the restaurant biz, we actually just keep the toast (most foods actually) under heat lamps until ready to serve.   

       As for the problem, I always seem to have to microwave my toast at home b/c I can't seem to wait for the toaster to do it's job...I find 10 other things to do in the meantime and come back to cold toast. I hate that. On the other hand, I've eaten more soggy toast than I care to admit.
runforrestrun, Mar 02 2002

       beginning to think I need a new start, applying to be your personal toast person!
po, Mar 02 2002

       ahhhh....but do you do bagels and English Muffins too?
runforrestrun, Mar 02 2002

       quick learner!
po, Mar 02 2002


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