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Cable-Ready Toaster

Never Miss a Moment of Your Favorite TeeVee Show
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This is a toaster that is connected to your TeeVee tuner. The toast will only pop up during commercials while your favorite shows are on. Furthermore, you can program it so that the toaster knows when shows are on that you don't care about, allowing toast to pop up at any time.

There is an available optional attachment for sports enthusiasts. IF your favorite sports team is playing, and IF they win, fireworks, party poppers and confetti will fly out of the toaster (if it isn't already busy making celebration toast). A halon fire suppression system will engage if the kitchen drapes catch fire (again).

Grogster, Aug 29 2010

"Halon is a colorless, odorless gas that can cause asphyxiation" http://erd.dli.mt.g...brochures/halon.pdf
[normzone, Aug 29 2010]


       the logical progressions for this idea are brilliant, a hot beverage machine set to recognise the approach of commercials and prepare your drink to be ready at the correct moment perhaps? perhaps it could also dispense a bun to be enjoyed during the break? either way you get a bun
ComatoseSheep, Aug 29 2010

       If it doesn't pop up during the 7-12 minutes the show is on, won't the bread burn?
Cedar Park, Aug 29 2010

       That's the clever bit... even though you push the lever down, the heating elements will be on a time-delay circuit.
Grogster, Aug 29 2010

       // hot beverage machine //   

       Beer is best served cool, or chilled, depending on the type.
8th of 7, Aug 29 2010


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