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Breakfast tool

Egg tweezers
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Its such a pain when a tiny bit of shell falls in your boiled egg eh? Fingers covered in yolk, and you havent achieved anything? Theres no need. An eggcup equipped with fine tweezers can do the hard work so you don't have to. Eggcups are to be fitted with a small pouch, to hold mini tweezers (and magnifying glass for ultra-fine shell fragments).
frenetic, Jun 01 2002

Egg Beaters http://www.eggbeaters.com/
Dispense with the shell altogether. [jester, Jun 03 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Tweezers and a magnifying glass <i>at breakfast</i>? Most people would probably knock the egg cup over.
Redbird, Jun 02 2002

reensure, Jun 02 2002

       How about a small set of those mechanical fingers?
phoenix, Jun 02 2002

       This is just a silly (almost rant-ish) idea.
NickTheGreat, Sep 05 2002

       Oho! Observe the pot calling the kettle black.
madradish, Sep 06 2002

       Are you implying *I* have silly ideas?
NickTheGreat, Sep 06 2002

       <aside to nick: just in case the critisism above is an a reaction to frenetic's insensitivity elsewhere, please don't post it on my account (I can fight my own battles). This idea may be silly, but so what? that's what the HB is about sometimes. Equally the guy may (or may not) be a jerk - but that doesn't affect the validity of his ideas. This one's fine.>
yamahito, Sep 06 2002


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