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Sausage Clips

Prevents sausages from rolling around.
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A small metal clip, similar in design to a clothes pin, but with flattened ends to stabilize the sausage in the fry pan.

This would allow me to brown the sausage all the way around, as opposed to the curent situation, where the sausage becomes burnt on one side and slightly golden on another.

My current solution to this problem is to fry onions with my sausages, and use them to prevent sausages from rolling.

I'm so sick of fried onions.

mighty_cheese, Oct 28 2001

(?) HOT DIGGITY DOGGER http://www.grilllov...N0M00JP4X4DRBR34R49
Baked, er, toasted, actually [lsenater, Oct 28 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

(???) Sausage Clip drawing http://www.geocitie...se/sausageclip.html
Sorry, I'm no artist, but I tried. [mighty_cheese, Oct 28 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Unsolicited testimonial. http://www.musks.com/
Possibly the best sausages in the known world. [angel, Oct 28 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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       Why not just have an unwieldy mechanical hand moving the pan back and forth, causing the sausages to roll around for maximum browning-symmetry?
snarfyguy, Oct 28 2001

       Better yet, have square-profile sausages, since that would allow you to brown them evenly on all four sides, with no rolling.
lsenater, Oct 28 2001

       [Isenater]: but then you have to get off your butt and turn them over. Too labor-intensive.
snarfyguy, Oct 28 2001

       I love simple ideas based on some kind of annoyance. Here you go, [cheese], try balancing those sausages on this fluffy croissant...
sdm, Oct 28 2001

       lsenater, I considered square sausages, and decided it was too WIBNI-ish.   

       A "Hot Diggity Dogger" would be good if they made a 2 sausage model.   

       I considered a fry pan with sausage shaped divets in it, but that's already sort of baked.
mighty_cheese, Oct 28 2001

       Stick a metal skewer through one end. Individually or all together. Only problem is then you only get two sides browned.
StarChaser, Oct 28 2001

       That is precisely the problem I am trying to avoid, StarChaser.
mighty_cheese, Oct 28 2001

       Ah. I'd just use two, myself. Brown the opposite sides, then move it to get the others.   

       Your link is broken, BTW.
StarChaser, Oct 28 2001

       One word: patties.   

       I know, I know, "Open and say 'bleaugh'".
I have a million solutions for your problem, but nothing that is TIPUET (slowly uncoiling wires and so on). One thing that interests me is the possiblity of using thermoplastic thumbtacks put into the end of the sausages -- that would be rugged-edged like poker chips. Sausages might not flop around so, but that might not prevent them from curling slightly and flopping only to one side or the other. I truly hate that propensity to curl because it douses the hope of building an excellent sandwich from them.
reensure, Oct 28 2001

       Square sausage isn't WIBNI-ish, mighty_cheese; they're actually baked in Scotland... or fried, rather.
Guy Fox, Oct 28 2001

       If you want them evenly browned, why not just deep fry them?
Guncrazy, Oct 28 2001

       M_Cheese - Hot Diggity Dogger does cook 2 hot dogs whilst toasting 2 buns - look closely at the link. Whether it could accomodate the girth and grease of a UK sausage, I can't say...   

       Baked (BBQ'd actually) Canadian solution - crosshatch the surface of the sausage with a knife. Not only does this make the sausage easier to balance on any side, but increases the yummy-crunchy-burnt-bits to surface ratio.
lsenater, Oct 28 2001

       I thought the Hot Diggety Dogger was a commercial thing until you said that, and I looked...Now I want one.
StarChaser, Oct 28 2001

       mobius bacon strips - you don't have to turn them over.
prometheus, Oct 28 2001

       lsenater, cutting open the sausage while cooking it is a cardinal sin! That would allow all the fatty juices to escape, and cause the sausage to shrink. I suspect you're talking about the sausages served by hot-dog vendors in Toronto. They can get away with cutting them open because their sausages aren't exactly cooked. That's why you'll never see a hot-dog cart in Montréal, they're a health code violation.   

       On a vaguely related note, last week I was at Woolworths (the local supermarket) where I buy sausages. While looking through the different varieties, something caught my eye. Bacon flavoured sausages. Certainly someone on œB is responsible for this idea. So of course I bought them. Maybe I'll deep fry them.   

       Oh, and I fixed the link. Sorry about that.
mighty_cheese, Oct 28 2001

       Well done [mighty_cheese]. (Pun not intended)   

       Croissant for the drawing.
phoenix, Oct 29 2001

       mmmmmmm sausages.
po, Aug 24 2007

       + yay
xandram, Jan 24 2021

       A casing that expands when done such that the sausage flips itself?
Voice, Jan 24 2021

       ^ ooooh.
FlyingToaster, Jan 25 2021

       // A casing that expands when done //   

       The sausage could roll in a succession of movements to ensure thorough cooking, and then - with sufficient composition - flip itself right out of the pan and onto the plate.   

       Of course, that would spatter hot fat or oil everywhere, possibly causing painful injuries.   

       That might be quite loud, though.   

       You could call them "bangers" ...
8th of 7, Jan 25 2021

       If the sausages had triangular profiles, then you would only have to turn them 3 times to be certain of even cooking. Naturally they would be vegetarian and not composed of the toxic slurry that goes into "meat" sausages. [I have a friend who once worked in a well known meat sausage factory and saw a white lab coat being fed into the mix during a clowning around session amongst the processing crew - he said the coat just vanished]
xenzag, Jan 25 2021

       // a white lab coat being fed into the mix //   

       Was anyone wearing it ?   

       Hmm ... Möbius sausage ?   

       Problem is, it would take forever to cook...
8th of 7, Jan 25 2021

       No, Mobius sausage is the answer! Only one side, so you don't need to turn it. (May need a mobius-strip-shaped pan...)
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 25 2021

       // Mobius ... mobius //   

       Sp. "Möbius" , "möbius" ...
8th of 7, Jan 25 2021

       Yes, well, what goes around, comes around ...
8th of 7, Jan 25 2021

       //so you don't need to turn it//   

       That would only be true if you were cooking in a möbius pan.   

       Alternatively, you could hang your möbius sausages from a horizontal, slowly-rotating, flanged heating element. The difficult part would be to maintain enough friction between the greasy sausage skin and the small flanges to prevent the sausage from stopping at one spot and getting overcooked at that spot.   

       Pointy little micro- teeth might be the solution.
pertinax, Jan 26 2021

       How about redesigning the pan to have several semi-cylindrical trough-shaped depressions in it? Then the sausages would not roll around and would get nicely browned over an area of between a third and half of their circumference at a time.
hippo, Jan 26 2021

       // Pointy little micro- teeth might be the solution //   

8th of 7, Jan 26 2021


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