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Air Sheath

Air sharpened blade.
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The Air Sheath is an air funnel that directs air across the edge of the blade. As air travels over the blade when slashed powerfully through the air, the air funnel collects and directs it. The edge can be very square or very angular depending on manifold protraction. Suitable for all blades as a protective sheath.
rcarty, Nov 29 2014


       It's always a mistake to extrapolate from too little data, this has three possibilities   

       1) Air Condom in the same manner as an air-curtain (inadvisable).   

       2) Ramjet attachment for speeding up the swing of a blade (very steampunk, but inadvisable)   

       3) Ramjet attachment for a condom...(inadvisable, groin mounted fire hazard). At the very least, try propane, not a liquid fuel and find some way to muffle the characteristic "brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" of the doodlebug exhaust.
not_morrison_rm, Nov 29 2014

       As the sheath moves slower than the speed of blade during fast strikes time travel has been achieved.
rcarty, Nov 29 2014

       More possibilities:   

       4) Device to actually sharpen a metal blade by ablating it with airflow.   

       5) Device to make a sharp blade out of airflow, guided by a not-so-sharp metal blade.   

       6) Device to keep the edge of a metal blade from getting damaged by impact with small objects by blowing them out of the way, but only while you're swinging the blade powerfully.
notexactly, Jan 14 2016

       What exactly are you talking about, [rc]?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 14 2016


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