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Instead of an electric scooter for people with physical disabilities
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How about a lifesize version of the BristleBot, in place of the standard wheelchair? It could be controlled by leaning toward te direction of motion, I think, or maybe leaning away from direction of motion. Or maybe that would depend on how the bristles were shaped. I bet you could get it to jump curbs if you made the bristles long and strong enough.
Private Boney Bunney, May 30 2013

BristleBot http://www.evilmads...rectional-vibrobot/
[Private Boney Bunney, May 30 2013]


       I'm not sure how this would steer, I was thinking something that translated leaning into motion but I guess that would happen anyway with this.
Private Boney Bunney, May 30 2013

       I suspect this would be a very popular item with the ladies whether you perfected the steering or not...
Grogster, May 30 2013


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