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Half Walker

you grew old together; enjoy it
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The wifey needs someone to lean on, and so do I. We used to lean on each other, but now that only works when we're sitting down.

The half-walker lets us continue to enjoy our side-by-side walks. It consists of a single aluminum tube arch, cross-braced at the bottom, with dual wheels fore and aft. On each side is a fold-down armrest, independently adjustable for the height of the two users.

A wheeled kickstand in the center can drop down on either side for those moments when one of you get left alone.

lurch, Sep 14 2014


       This is so beautiful. +
blissmiss, Sep 14 2014

       Have you considered a tandem?
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 14 2014

       I like it. There could be sidemounted sheaths for his and her cane. Because when impotent rage overcomes you, it is just not the same shaking the halfwalker at those consarned whippersnappers.
bungston, Sep 14 2014

       There's a massive untapped market growing for the next generation of exoskeleton walkers - kudos for heading down that road (+)
normzone, Sep 15 2014

       I still think it should be like those snaking skateboards, so you'd build up speed by ratcheting back and forth [+].
4and20, Sep 15 2014

       awww, so nice! [+]
xandram, Sep 15 2014

       Judging from the title alone I assumed this was an idea about zombies. Like in the walking dead where they call them walkers.   

       Halfwalkers would be zombiefied halfbakers, constantly inventing new ways to eat and get at brains. (not cooking brains because that would be mfd recipe)   

       You can imagine I was ready to bun.   

       I still am +
zeno, Sep 16 2014


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