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Bristle Matrix Doormat

a new message every day
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Bristle Matrix Doormat is linked to an indoor key pad, upon which you may input a simple message, like "welcome - for a short stay".

These messages appear in the bristles, in the form of negative letter shapes. This is because each bristle is retractable, the action being controlled by a matrix of micro motors built into the underside of the mat, linked to the key-pad.

xenzag, Feb 16 2008


       "It's raining...please wipe your shoes!"
phoenix, Feb 17 2008

       "It's raining...please take me insi&* <bzat> p@p [+]."
baconbrain, Feb 17 2008

       Ha [baconbrain] reminds me of "Short Circuit" wherin a government issue military robot is struck by lightning and becomes cute by use of fonts.
zen_tom, Feb 18 2008

       // [baconbrain] reminds me of "Short Circuit" //   

       Baconbrain reminds US of HAL........ remember what happened to him !
8th of 7, Feb 18 2008

       I'm sorry, [8th], I'm afraid I can't do that. Was it a trip to Jupiter and cinematic fame?
baconbrain, Feb 18 2008

       No, just open the damn pod bay doors, OK ?
8th of 7, Feb 18 2008

       I can't believe there is a category for doormats.
simonj, Jun 13 2008


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