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Doormat emits fragrant welcome
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Most female housekeepers spend a lot of money on scented products so I set myself the challenge of devising a low-priced product that emitted a pleasant perfume automatically for a long time without electricity or spray-can. I also wanted it to be significantly different enough from containers of crystals hanging in the loo, to be patentable. So how about a doormat designed to emit a waft of pleasant perfume when you or your friends step on it? I won't go into the various technical, design, and marketing options possible, except to say "Entrepreneurs stop pushing please."
rayfo, Aug 10 2000


       Aggh! No more perfumes! If you want something to smell good, grow flowers, brew coffee, or bake bread. If you want to eliminate odors, clean well and ventilate. Supertasters the word over will thank you!
rmutt, Aug 15 2000

       A great idea! I can imagine elaborate protocols developing as new scent combinations are created. A scent of Lilac for your date, a foul odure for salesmen, a slightly less unpleasent one to shorten the stay of annoying friends, etc.
Scott_D, Aug 16 2000

       I want one with a whoopie cushion in it and 'poo gas' scent...
StarChaser, Aug 17 2000


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