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Broadsword Tennis

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Two knights in full armour face each other. Each is equipped with a 5' long, flat, heavy sword. They stand on a small clay court bisected by a strong, buttressed, waist-high wall running between them (the 'net'). Chained above their heads is a spiked steel ball that hangs down navel height at the middle of the and swings up to between chest and head height at the oak wall that marks the base-line of the court.

The knights must use their swords to hit the spiked steel ball at, or past, their opponent.

If the ball strikes the opposing player or the woodwork behind them a point is scored (scoring as in tennis).

If the ball crosses the 'net', the ball is said to have 'bounced' and must be struck before returning over the net to avoid forfeiting the point.

Neither knight may touch or cross the net line, but is entitled to strike at their opponent should they get within reach of their sword. This scores no points but it makes it more difficult to return a short lob if your opponent is trying to skewer you at the time.

Service games alternate between players. Players change ends every two games. The match is the best of five sets (three for women or mixed doubles), or until one of the players needs medical attention due to exhaustion.

st3f, Sep 26 2005


       Thats just stupid
Grantmoulder, Sep 26 2005

       So it is.
st3f, Sep 26 2005

       knights are drawing in <sigh>
po, Sep 26 2005

       Needs more Blessed. Otherwise, tremendiddlyocious.
calum, Sep 26 2005

       I'm in. Where can we play?
wagster, Sep 26 2005

       <Brian Blessed> Haaaaaaaa! </Brian Blessed>
Jinbish, Sep 26 2005

       \\I'm in. Where can we play?\\ I'll meet you at 8 at Camelot.
hidden truths, Sep 26 2005

       will there be a welder on hand to repair the broken chain?
schmendrick, Sep 27 2005

       Uh, would the ball dogs have to wear a full suit of armour too? If so...I'M CALLING P.E.T.A ON YOU!   

       + .
blissmiss, Sep 27 2005

blissmiss, Sep 27 2005


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