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Broom Cupboard

Hidden Storage
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A broom with a hollow handle, in which you can store any small objects you might want to hide, such as money, cigars, posters, toothbrushes, glass eyes, lightsabres, pirate telescopes, flags, watches, drumsticks, smaller brooms etc. Possibly some sort of locking device as well. Would be useful for janitors, to store more cleaning supplies in, which they could carry around with them.
quaero curvus, Aug 14 2005


       I have a broom with a hollow tubing stick/handle. The end cap just came off, and I taped it back on. I had no urge to store anything in it. I would very much dislike having anything rattling around in a broom.   

       Extra weight in a broom requires extra energy to be expended in every sweeping movement.
baconbrain, Aug 14 2005

       Yes my broom is a little heavier than average, and yes it makes sweeping a bit more difficult but just knowing that the Real Mona Lisa is rolled up and stuffed in there makes it all worth while... 'specially since I bought the Swiffer.   

       Perfect for the coin collector who can not afford a wall safe or considers it too predictable a target, even if the broom just stands in the corner.
jurist, Aug 14 2005

       I haven't got a broom just a cylinder vacuum cleaner...
po, Aug 14 2005

       I would quite like a broom within a broom within another broom. No particular reason why though.
hidden truths, Aug 14 2005

       [hidden] you accidental thief. I was thinking of the russian brooms idea just last night.
pooduck, Aug 14 2005

       This is where the kids' TV hand-puppets go to retire.
oniony, Aug 14 2005


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