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Zoom Broom

Battery powered sweeping broom
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For sweeping leaves or hedge cuttings Doesn't suck up just whirls round making sweeping easier.
gizmo, Feb 04 2002


       Oh, So sorry Peter, I wasn't referring to a superduper sucking sweeping all dancing thing just a simple battery powered broom.
gizmo, Feb 04 2002

       something mid-way between a handheld job and a vacuum cleaner; with a bit of ooomph OK gizmo go for it.
po, Feb 04 2002

       A leaf blower?
pottedstu, Feb 05 2002

       I thought this was a vehicle for witches.
TeaTotal, Feb 05 2002

       "My ExWifes other car is a broom" - My Pop gave me a bumper sticker that says that.
thumbwax, Feb 05 2002

       Good idea.This would make life much easier.
wkd_man, Nov 23 2002


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