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Broom String

Easy pick up broom/shovel/rake
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A string that attaches to the handle of a broom/shovel/rake on one end and to your beltloop on the other. Making it easy to pick up the 'device' even after walking away from it. String should be recoiling so that it is not always hanging out getting tangled.
blahginger, Apr 14 2001

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       This idea was prompted because I was sweeping and found that I was in the middle of the room and had no convenient wall to lean against in order to perform a 2 second operation that had to be done before I could continue sweeping. When I do have a wall available it seems the broom is somewhat hard to balance againt a wall and usually falls down anyway.   

       This idea originally stemmed from a 'self standing' broom idea, but I thought the methods for implementation were too impracticle (kickstand, weighted bottom)   

       As for raking, I find many less walls in my yard than I do in my house.
blahginger, Apr 14 2001

       Floor wasn't flat enough for you during those 2 seconds?
thumbwax, Apr 15 2001

       If you were REALLY sweeping, that broom would either be worn to the size of a paintbrush and could go into your pocket, or it would be nicely squooshed out and would just stand of its own.

So quit standing there with your hand open and swing that broom!
reensure, Apr 15 2001

       Just get a remote for it. Attach a small motor, like from a toy car, and clip the remote to your belt and when you leave it somewhere...guide it back to where you are...ok maybe add small wheels on the side of it .. someone else can work out the details...heck if someone did this my house would always be swept..the kids and hubby would have a blast.
WillowOak, Apr 16 2001


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