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Bubble Boy Sports Network

A Sports Federation for Highly Immune Compromised People
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People who are highly immune deficient have had to take extreme measures to co-exist in the world with the rest of us. This includes donning a plastic "bubble" to walk around in. These people may have a keen interest in sports but are prevented from participation by their handicap.

No more!

A specially designed sports bubble suit would consist of highly flexible rubberized legs (similar to hip waders), a large round bubble for the head and torso, and flexible arms. The entire effect would look something like a transparent bloated M&M approximately four feet in diameter. Using this suit, they could participate in a wide variety of sports.

This would include American-style football, where teams would all be wearing the same bubble gear instead of the traditional pads. In this bubble sport, defensive tackles simply require rolling their targets into a perpendicular alignment, where no part of the target player is touching the ground.

It would also facilitate the formation of sports such as ladies synchronized swimming (granted, a much higher level of technical skill would be required of these ladies than that of their non-bubbled counterparts).

In gymnastics, previously unattainable activities are now possible (if not probable). The uneven parallel bars present a formidable challenge, as well as pole vaulting.

In time, large numbers of previously frustrated athletic bubble boys (and bubble girls) will emerge from countries all over the world. Shortly thereafter, the Bubble Olympics will likely follow, bringing with it the endorsement opportunities that once were only available to non-bubbled athletes.

Grogster, Oct 29 2010

OK, Maybe Not Mud Wrestling http://www.dailymot...bble-boy-2001_sport
[Grogster, Oct 29 2010]


       Because it's harder to do the 40 yard dash wearing swim fins.
Grogster, Oct 30 2010

       Why the bubble? For the same reason any frustrated immune deficient athlete would choose the bubble: more room for product endorsements.
Grogster, Oct 30 2010


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