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Baby Foosball

Parents hold babies like Foosball players
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To the consternation of many parents (most dads), it takes far too long from birth to being a candidate for the national soccer squad. To make up for the wee-uns lack of walking, running, and kicking skills. 22 dads (or moms) line up in the formation of a foosball table and hold their respective offspring by the armpits. This allows for swinging the the little tykes between said parent's legs very similarly to the way that foosball figures are pivoted around the rotating bars of a foosball table.

A suitable ball is an inflatable beachball.

Rules include parents not being allowed to move outside a specified grid location, parents not being allowed to hit the ball other than with their infant. Like in competion foosball, but mostly for child safety concerns, the infants are not allowed to be spun at excessive speeds.

Goesta Berling, May 19 2006

Definition of foosball http://dictionary.r...m/search?q=foosball
[methinksnot, May 22 2006]


       I'm concerned about the lack of regulation here.   

       Are there different classes for varying baby weights?   

       Are the children helmeted, allowing both ends to be used for striking?   

       Perhaps the parent's feet could be strapped in to the playing field for optimal results.
epicproblem, May 19 2006

       My neighbor's kid loves it when I swing him from the arms to kick a ball around, laughs like a maniac. I would do this on a casual basis though, no league for me. Can't we just arrange a time to meet at the park?   

       Wait- first I have to get a kid. I'm off to do some kidnapping, maybe I can get a ransom when we're done playing. Tootles!
NotTheSharpestSpoon, May 20 2006

       //Wait- first I have to get a kid.//
I'm off to do some ... well ... kid-making.
Letsbuildafort, May 20 2006

       Hey- I should try that. It it hard?
NotTheSharpestSpoon, May 20 2006

       It has to be.
neelandan, May 20 2006

       Not having a strong grasp of the term "foosball," I was picturing fathers put their babies on their feet to hoist them (which they also love). I guess that's hackeysack, not foosball.
DrCurry, May 20 2006

       This should go with Cat Soccer in the "Sport: Cute" section.
notmarkflynn, May 22 2006


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