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Bubble Clock

time displayed on rising soap bubbles
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A wall or table clock could be designed with a reservoir and fan at the base to generate one bubble a second. As each is blow upward, a built-in, wide-angle projector or miniature laser display reflects the time on its surface. The bubble bursts at the top of the semi-enclosed clock to flow back down to the bottom.

When watering the plants, one would also have to top off the reservoir. An alarm function could be included, by blowing bubbles over to wet a sleeping face, like waking under a hungry dog’s drooling tongue.

FarmerJohn, Jan 03 2003

(??) sketch http://www.geocitie...johnnie/bubble.html
[FarmerJohn, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

one of these days, farmerjohn is going to shout "dinnertime" :) http://www.gameskid...sing_games/wolf.htm
[po, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

It appears so https://web.archive...johnnie/bubble.html
although I dont think FJ pictures were ever embedded in the halfbakery. [rcarty, Oct 30 2014]


       It could have further practical uses, ie. a timed water dispenser for small animals.
kpx, Jan 03 2003

       For effect it could make larger bubbles for minute marks, and even larger for hours. +
Shz, Jan 03 2003

       Would soapy water make strong enough bubbles to resist the effects of the laser/projector? I suppose if they were soap bubbles it would add a psychedelic touch.   

       I like the idea of the different sized bubbles. An almost perfect contrast with an old hourglass that uses sand.
Ludwig, Jan 03 2003

       Good god man! Do you not have an end to your ideas? Or does that wonderful mind of yours constantly churn them out?
kaz, Jan 03 2003

       kaz: It's like exercise. If I miss a day, I start getting nervous, then I wake up in the middle of the night with four ideas churning in my head. Now if I could just get some real quality gems.
FarmerJohn, Jan 03 2003

       blais: I tried this with flashlights and the main problem was that the reflection is diminished in size.
FarmerJohn, Jan 04 2003

       I'll rely on my admittedly primitive empirical results with small flashlights shining on blown bubbles. Neither light intensity, heat nor discerning details was a problem.
FarmerJohn, Jan 04 2003

       I can't quite figure the positioning of the projector.   

       As [blaise] points out, a lot of light passes through a bubble. Would the projected image show up more brightly on the back wall surface of the clock than on the bubble itself?
half, Jan 04 2003

       I 'm sorry ...why is this a good idea? bubble clock... .....
leftnut, Jan 04 2003

       I'm not sure "good" is an issue here. "Goofy" can count for a lot, though.   

       [FJ] maybe using a solution chosen for a fairly high viscosity to slow down the rise of the bubble would help people be able to see the reflected image. Maybe there's a high viscosity solution that also has high reflectivity?
bristolz, Jan 04 2003

       Is there any way to way-back machine [FJ]'s old sketches from the now defunct Geocities and reattach them to his ideas? It's a shame that they are gone.   

rcarty, Oct 30 2014

       Cool! Thanks [rcarty].   


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