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Dimming Digital Clock

A digital clock that knows when it doesn't need to be bright.
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Digital clocks project one level of brightness. They'd be much more useful (especially for bedside clocks) if they automaticaly dimmed the level of brightness from (say) 9:00 pm to 4:00 am. Not only would they use less energy during a time when most people don't view them, they wouldn't be the bright beacon that torments insomniacs such as myself. The amount of dimming should be set by a dial under the clock, where it won't be hit by groggy sleepers groping for the alarm or sleep button.
Bartlebooth, Feb 09 2002

Dimming clock, you program the time http://entries.the5k.org/365/t.htm
Programmable to any brightness or totally dark during prescribed hours [oldvan, Oct 04 2004]


       This was baked 15 years ago with a light sensitive diode in the top of the unit. It didn't seem to catch on in any great way but you might still find a manufacturer that makes something like this.   

       (sp: 'dimming')
st3f, Feb 09 2002

       My digital alarm clock has a control to set the brightness of the display manually.  It's an old clock.
bristolz, Feb 09 2002

       Thanks for the spelling correction. Years ago, I had one of the digital clocks with a light sensor on it, and while it sort of worked, it was still too bright. I want something that doesn't cast shadows, and won't make my sleepy pupils contract when I see that I only have 4 hours to go before I have to get up.
Bartlebooth, Feb 09 2002

       Maybe LEDs cannot be dimmed beyond a certain level (in which case we're into cross polarised rotating disks in front of the display - this may get expensive).   

       I don't want to prevent the quest for a bakable/baked product but as an aside I (not liking bright LED displays at night either) use a travel alarm with an LCD display to wake me and a projection clock which dimly shines the time on the wall when I touch it to tell the time at night.
st3f, Feb 09 2002

       you can dim leds as much as you like
cuba, Feb 09 2002

       I've always gone for the LCD bedside clocks myself. My current one has an electro-luminescent (their words, not mine) background so, when you press the snooze button, the back lights up in a lovely garish blue so you can see the time at night and burn your retinas at the same time.
CoolerKing, Feb 10 2002


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