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Bubbling Dishwasher

Dishwasher blows bubbles while working, and makes consumers happy
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The soaps used in our daily hygiene rituals do not need to be foamy or bubbly to work [links]. However, most people are pretty gullible and believe what the marketers tell them; and now people absolutely demand bubbles in their hand soaps and shampoos. The marketers and their bubbles still haven’t conquered the mechanical dishwasher however, because bubbly soap can actually destroy the machine (source: personal experience). Well it’s high time the dishwasher was brought into the bubble empire. Enter the Bubbling Dishwasher. Consumers will soon learn to demand it.

The Bubbling Dishwasher is a regular dishwasher, using regular, non-bubbly dishwasher detergent. But it has an additional mechanism that blows a gentle, happy stream of floating bubbles outward from the front of the machine while the dishes are being cleaned, reassuring consumers that the dishwasher is working and thoroughly cleaning their dishes inside. A red warning light will blink when the bubble solution reservoir is getting low, reminding the user to refill it.

swimswim, Feb 25 2023

SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER – IT’S ALL FROTH AND BUBBLE https://pursuit.uni...ll-froth-and-bubble
[swimswim, Feb 25 2023]

FOR SOAP TO BE EFFECTIVE, DOES IT NEED TO BE SUDSY? https://melmagazine...-work-bubbles-clean
[swimswim, Feb 25 2023]

Foaming_20Hubcaps [xenzag, Feb 25 2023]

Use this mix... https://www.theware...ubble/R2804675.html
& come home to a kitchen full of bubbles! [neutrinos_shadow, Feb 27 2023]


       [+] fiun.
a1, Feb 25 2023

       This reminds me of something...
pertinax, Feb 25 2023

       Approved - I love bubbles (see link) Is there a coloured bubble option?
xenzag, Feb 25 2023

       OOOoooOooOoo o o o o [+]
Voice, Feb 25 2023

       I'm not sure having a bunch of soap bubbles landing all over your kitchen surfaces is such a great idea...
21 Quest, Feb 26 2023

       // I'm not sure having a bunch of soap bubbles landing all over your kitchen surfaces is such a great idea...//   

       Oh, but it can be great fun. When my son was 10 or so, he put the wrong kind of detergent in the dishwasher and flooded the kitchen floor with suds.   

       We (me, wife, son and daughter) mopped up what we could. Then got some towels and blankets to dry it - by taking turns with one sitting on the blanket as the other three dragged them around the floor.
a1, Feb 26 2023

       Needs a setting for hurlyburly/carousel music.
Sgt Teacup, Feb 27 2023

       A1 that's all over the floor, not your stove and countertops and dishes in the drying rack lol although, I suppose it DOES provide extra incentive to clean your countertops before cooking on them!
21 Quest, Feb 27 2023


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