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Catalogue with parts, and problems their defects cause

List parts and why you might buy one
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People have problems with things they own. With the internet, one is expected to be able to fix one's own stuff. There are businesses which sell parts, and sometimes associated with these businesses are sites where woebegone folks share their troubles with broken stuff, and someone tries to figure out what is wrong. Presumably clueless folks with broken things stumble onto these sites and wind up buying something.

I propose you might back into it: list a part and then with it, a list including all of the problems a bad part of that sort might produce. If one of them is your problem, you might solve it by purchasing the part and replacing the old one.

One could have a similar site advertising prescription drugs.

bungston, May 28 2017

Electronic Service, Unit #16 https://en.wikipedi...r#This_Island_Earth
Next day delivery, too ... [8th of 7, May 29 2017]

1 https://en.wikipedi...terchangeable_parts
[Sunstone, Jun 09 2017]

2 http://www.ebay.com...nterchange&_sacat=0
[Sunstone, Jun 09 2017]

3 http://www.oreillya...p#compatibilityTab_
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4 http://www.consumer...ility-faq/index.htm
[Sunstone, Jun 09 2017]


       Too efficient.   

       I say, I say, it makes too much sense.
Gonna strip some gears goin that fast son.
Need to back it off a touch. (+)

       Tindale ad absurdum icing always welcome, but that is a very interesting idea: the taxonomy. How far can one part substitute for another?   

       That said: I do not see the relevance of the wobbegong. Bring me along?
bungston, May 29 2017

       I foresee this becoming complicated. For instance, is the left rear indicator lamp cover of a Ford Pancreas more closely related to the right rear indicator lamp cover of a Ford Pancreas, or to the left rear indicator lamp cover of a Chrysler Syncitium?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 29 2017

       *sp. syncytium   

       Then there's the conundrum of the Tesla Trophoblast, which branched off before the Model T...
Sgt Teacup, May 29 2017

       Wow. I used to work at an auto parts store and have wanted a similar list for diagnostic use for a long time. A brief description was written to post later at Halfbakery but I had not refined links or posted it yet. Here goes:   

       To aid in diagnosis of vehicle problems, from an existing database generate a list of the most commonly replaced parts on any make/model/year of vehicle (could apply to any machinery).   

       A parts supplier's sales and inventory database could easily create this list. "Consumer Reports" will tell you weak areas on a car but not specific part names or numbers[4]   

       A similar modern parts interchange database report is generated from existing information to create current parts crossover lists[1]. In the past, an expensive manually compiled paper tome was created[2].   

       A modern, free, alternative example could be "Detailed description H/D applications at[3] "   

       With the parts interchange data list you can find that a possibly cheaper "1962-1967 Chevrolet 40, 50 & 60 Series Trucks With 327 (5.4) V8 Engines" water pump will also fit your "1964-1969 Massey-Ferguson, MH Combine Model 510 Self Propelled Gas 8.4 Liter V8 Engines," likely more expensive water pump if it were purchased directly from the Massey-Ferguson dealer, if they still stock it.   

       A person could probably make a few quid (I watch "Wheeler Dealers") by selling Chevy water pumps on eBay under the title of "Rare, Collectible, Hard to Find 1964-1969 Massey-Ferguson, MH Combine Model 510 Self Propelled Gas 8.4 Liter V8 water pump"
Sunstone, Jun 09 2017

       // I watch "Wheeler Dealers" //   

       What right-thinking person doesn't ?   

       Ahh ... well, maybe girls, but they don't count of course ...   

       Shall we say, "What right-thinking bloke doesn't ?"
8th of 7, Jun 09 2017

       At one point the second-largest database in the world is the Ford parts releasing system, after the US government. This effort would fill up the cloud.
RayfordSteele, Jun 10 2017


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