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Bumbling Idiot Boards

Idiot boards for the nervous
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It has come to my attention that some people, lets call then nervous bumblers, for want of a better word, have difficulty asking out members of the opposite sex, or same sex, or whatever your into, on dates. To combat this, one would use Bumbling Idiot Boards. These are large boards that have your 'lines' written on them. The nervous bumbler asks one of their friends to stand behind the person you are asking out. He/she holds to board so that the nervous bumbler can read from it. The boards will progress from "small-talk" to "the big question". Bumbling Idiot Board Answer Cards will also be available, with answers ranging from an outright "No", to "Lets just be friends", to a clingy and emphatic "Yes". Now even the nervous bumbler can get a date, and not die lonely.

date teleprompter http://www.halfbake...Date_20Teleprompter
The high-tech solution. [pottedstu, May 17 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

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Description of a 'Caesar' For UnaBubba http://www.heraldic...degard/titlefaq.htm
Go to section four, and you will find that a 'Caesar' is actually an emperors associate [HRH-Prince Alexander Of Ruthenia Ceaser To The King, May 18 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Finally, a date *and* giant novelty cards.
[ sctld ], May 17 2002

       what is the big question ? "was that a definite NO, then."
po, May 17 2002

       The big question is asking the object of your desires to go on a date with you , however i am sure that it can be scaleable to the point of marriage proposal.   

       sure bliss...stick it in there with "askign"
runforrestrun, May 17 2002

       (not) Already HalfBaked. Please search before posting.   

       Follow-up annotation below.
phoenix, May 17 2002

       I do appologise. I shall delete this and return to my throne. Dateless.   

       phoenix, those links are for speech-bubble type cards. From what i gather from the idea, he's wanting something in the line of the 'idiot boards' that tv folk would read when they forget their lines, in order to prompt the less articulate.
[ sctld ], May 17 2002

       " I am mainly croissanting you however for your impressivly large name. "   

       Thats inheritance for you   

       If these are 'Bob Dylan style' signs, how is your mate going to carry them around all evening without anyone else seeing them?
arora, May 17 2002

       The signs aren't used during the date. They are for getting the date. I was thinking that the normal nervous bumbler would plan everything out when they ask for a date, and so would have a place set out for the friend to stand, to make sure that the object of the nervous bumblers desires doesn't find out about them.   

       And that was a great video.   

       [[ sctld ]] A quick re-read and a swift kick confirms your analysis. My apologies to the poster. Objection withdrawn. Your honor.   

       We 'Mericans call them 'cue cards'.
phoenix, May 17 2002

       parc-ttk: sorry to be a pain, how is your friend going to know what questions the date-to-be is asking? "what kinda music do you like?, ''anything really, as long as it's without garlic"
arora, May 17 2002

       As the nervous bumbler will be the person initiating the conversation, it sets him up as the 'conversation controller', the dominant person in the conversation. This would result in all the small talk and what not leading up to asking the date-to-be out, would be controlled by the nervous bumbler. If at any point he lost his thread, he could easily look at the Bumbling Idiot Boards for his next conversation topic. The Boards are there to give confidence and to remind the nervous bumbler of what he is talking about. When the date-to-be says 'Yes', a smile would creep across the nervous bumblers face, telling the friend to move to the card with his details on it, Tel., Add., etc. It's really just a reinforcement for the nervous bumbler, to give him/her more confidence.   

       nervous bumbler = the dominant person in the conversation ,therefore logically > object of your desire = quite mad crazy stupid person who can't see your looney mate behind her with big cardboard signs. why do I get the feeling that you are making this up as you go along.
po, May 18 2002

       Its an aid, a help, a little something to add confidence, does it matter if the date-to-be see's the cards?   

       If you look at the 'Cliff Huggers' thread, you will get a full explanation to my name.   

       For my part, I'd be perfectly happy if you just decided on "HRH", "Prince", or the "Artist Formerly Known as alx"
jurist, May 18 2002

       <sic>Hial Ceaser!</sic>
Instead of HRH-PAORCTTK, how about...
Hath Crt Pork
Hark PC Troth
thumbwax, May 18 2002

       [jurist] Ain't nuthin' to do wid me.
-alx, May 18 2002

       If you go to the Cliff Huggers idea, you will see a helpful explanation as to the ins and outs of my title.   

       As you wish.   

       Originally, it was spelt Caesar, and the Caesar was the 'right hand man' of the Emperor of Western Rome, or the 'right hand man' of the Augustus of Eastern Rome. Then the Eastern Empire fell. Somewhere along the line, the Cyrillic alphabet came into play, which spells everything phonetically. When the Cyrillic alphabet was replaced by the Roman in the 20thC, the title Caesar was wrongly translated as Ceaser, so until it is changed (which would take international agreements from countries that no longer exist), i'm stuck with it. Much like the '-' in my user name.   

       I beg your pardon, please elaborate.   

       certainly having your mate hold the sign above his head will have an added benefit: you will need to look UP and therefore will not be caught looking down at theobjectofyourdesires chest all the time.
rbl, May 24 2002

       George... just shut up, will you?
waugsqueke, May 24 2002

       I think GTT is upset because, as no one takes his trolling seriously anymore, he doesn't get the contentious replies his deliberately contraversial posts are written to inspire. He's being trying so hard all day..
yamahito, May 24 2002

       George The Robin: While i appreciate the croissant, the manner in which you acuse people of being rude is, by itself, frightly rude. i have noticed that you have a penchant for stirring up trouble. That is part and parcel with all innovation. However, the manner in which you convey your controvesy can rub some people the wrong way. I would appreciate it if you perhaps learned some tact. That way, people may like your ideas more. I wish you many good ideas in the future, and less 'Trolling'.   

       Well sumarised, HRH.
yamahito, May 24 2002

       Thank You yamahito, although some praise should go to my typist Johnathon, who really is 'in-the-know' concerning 'Trolling' and such.   


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