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Figure 8'vly speaking.

4,2'n,8ly knot cursive.
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My typing skills are rather lame as I still can't look away from the keyboard as I do it, but for how much longer it takes for me to type than to write something out by hand, the legibility factor far outweighs the time spent.

I think it would be possible, with a new form or cursive handwriting, to not only render everyones script more easily read, (once learned), but also, in my opinion, make handwriting more than twice as fast.

(I did a handwritten font to show y'all but my scanner is on the fritz)

What it boils down to, is rescripting the alphabet to fit predetermined shapes created by the interlocking swirls of a continuous string of figure eights.

Malayalam http://www.omniglot...iting/malayalam.htm
I've often thought Malayalam looked like what you describe (scroll down for sample text) - I think there's another language that would be even closer, but I can't find it. [Zimmy, Nov 06 2006]

Origins of the English Alphabet. http://en.wikipedia...ki/English_alphabet
[DrBob, Nov 07 2006]

Sketch/font http://s68.beta.pho...6605509188717401858
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 08 2006, last modified Jan 08 2013]


       want me to shout you a small fries at macca's?
Stork, Nov 06 2006

       Hi, 2 fries! Yeah, about the idea- fix the scanner, then we'll talk. I'm just a confused bald-headed, diabetic, amputated-finger, deaf guy. I don't understand your complicated interlocking stringy ways. I need pretty pictures! Thank you.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Nov 06 2006

       Sure thing [Stork], get yourself some snow-chains and I'll meet you at the one on the corner. (we just recieved our first dump of snow, it shouldn't last, but better to be safe...)   

       Working on it [NTSS]. String theory in technicolor.   

       Don't forget them dodgy knees, spoon.
methinksnot, Nov 06 2006

       Why would you be any better at drawing shapes with figure eights?
Chefboyrbored, Nov 06 2006

       I think what Mr Meal here is suggesting is a set of alphabet glyphs whose shape is designed purely with the function of handwriting in mind, rather than the organically collected glyphs we use today (which have probably evolved based on a number of criteria including production, legibility, and pure accident). I'm withholding judgement till I see the scans - but I quite like the overall sound of it.
zen_tom, Nov 06 2006

       This sounds gr8. Writing figure 8s on my sl8, at a faster r8. Good on yer, m8. But I am w8ing for you to demonst8.
Ling, Nov 06 2006

       Not to ber8 you [Ling], but I believe the proper spelling is 'demonstr8'
craigts, Nov 06 2006

       Will this be better then shorthand?
jmvw, Nov 06 2006

       //Will this be better then shorthand?//   

       Good question. I thought of shorthand myself. Personally, im suspicious of anything like this which may fail to preserve meaning within grammar and punctuation, much like "txt spk" or "31337 h4x0r".
webfishrune, Nov 07 2006

       Wow. OK scanner's up and running but man it's huge. You'll need a way to shrink it to actually read it.   

       [2fries] It's readable. I love the spell of 8 scrawl in the morning - It smells like ... bakery?
Zimmy, Nov 08 2006

       ...with a hint of fishmeal. :)   

       Dragon makes this irrelevant.
whlanteigne, Jan 07 2013

       I wanna see that scan! Then i could learn this and be like those geeks who speak borg or whatever
Brian the Painter, Jan 08 2013

       [link] fixed. Get yer geek on.   

       Thanks Randy
Brian the Painter, Jan 08 2013

       T'swhat I live for.   


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