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Strap-on Brolly
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As the long, hot British summer draws to an end, our thoughts turn to Autumn, season of mists and mellow fruitfulness... and cold, driving rain.

Umbrellas are all very well, but once the wind picks up, they offer little protection against trouser-level moistness. A bumbrella works in conjunction with a traditional umbrella, but is strapped on to a special belt at waist level. The device can be rotated to offer maximum protection in the direction of the prevailing wind.

whimsickle, Jun 23 2004

Special Belt http://www.anthemfl.../itemdetail1101.htm
To make your "Special Belt," just put on a parade belt backwards. [robinism, Oct 05 2004]


       Would a tutu like brolly/skirt hybird be effective?
oneoffdave, Jun 23 2004

       No umbrella is really effective in those kind of conditions (in my experience they prevail in the summer, too, especially when you've gone to stay at the seaside for a week). Nothing like a sou'wester and wellies to keep you dry.
DrCurry, Jun 23 2004

       Well, there's a house.
harderthanjesus, Jun 23 2004

       "As the long, hot British summer draws to an end..."
And here I thought you folks were only a few hours ahead of us!
phoenix, Jun 23 2004

       Phoenix we have had several days of good weather in a row (this could constitute the UK summer), Wimbledon has started, fairly safe bet the UK is in for a rainy spell.
engineer1, Jun 23 2004

       Strap-on Brolly, hmm, If it was that bad I'd prefer waterproof trousers. Just don't tie them too tight at the bottom, just in case ;)
not-arf, Jun 23 2004


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