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Bunny Dentists save New York

Joe Everyman saves New York while almost wearing bunny suit
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Bunny Dentists save New York ,,, or the world or.

Had dream last night. Seems a third of the dentists in New York started selling painless dentistry while wearing bunny suits.

If you wear a tail 5%, Tail And ears 10% and so on.

Bunny advertising so common that billboards sprout bunny ears. School buses contain kids dressed as bunnies.

Animated rabbit dentists in show windows. Joe Everyman 's gig is to visit birthday parties dressed as bunny -- sort of like Ronald McDonald. And He really really hates it.

A few dozen explosions and gun fights and car chases ensue. Joe in most of these and trying to get out of bunny costume for most of the movie. Joe finally steers an explosive packed cruise ship to an isolated spot like Statue of Liberty island instead the heart of NYC. Boom!

Running background gags: Rival gang of dentists dressed as foxes kidnap and seem to eat bunny persons off the street. Commando bunnies retaliate. Lots of fake fur floats into view. Escalates to paratrooper bunnies and foxes in a pitched battle.

Bunnies being tossed out of Playboy club by the Girls and one or two super masculine bouncers also in tail and heels.

An odd gesture wave related to sex that most of the bunnies greet each other with.

Que? Bunny or bone?

popbottle, Jun 08 2014



       Some dreams are inspirational, some are amusing, some are alarming. Some are just dreams.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 08 2014

       Methinks this dream was perhaps the result of eating too much carrot cake before bedtime, no?   

       Good thing you didn't snack on Ding Dongs.
Canuck, Jun 08 2014

       Glanced at that quickly [Canuck] and thought you said "crack cake". Whoa, been watching too much Breaking Bad.   

       This idea is a dream wrapped around an idea, wrapped around a dream. Really
blissmiss, Jun 08 2014

       //Whoa, been watching too much Breaking Bad.//   

       Or spending too much time here: Baking Bread.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 08 2014

       So its like a live action Tick episode featuring Arthur...
RayfordSteele, Jun 08 2014

       So if I change the percentage of irrigation glue, raw fish, and kids birthday party, the dream should vary a bit.   

       When asked about the script Ronald Rabbit joked, "They didn't want them good, they wanted them carrots by Thursday."
popbottle, Jun 08 2014

       This idea definitely has Bugs in it …
8th of 7, Jun 09 2014

       I thought it kind of Petered out...
Canuck, Jun 09 2014

       Peter Rabbit, I get it. You guys are too funny.   

       Q: Why don’t rabbits get hot in the summertime?   

       A: They have hare conditioning!
blissmiss, Jun 10 2014

       Shame on you, [Bliss], this is the halfbakery.   

       Q: Why don't rabbits get hot in the summertime?   

       A: Primarily because of their relatively large surface area to volume ratio, but also because of an extensive network of blood vessels in their ears which act as counter-current heat exchangers.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 10 2014


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