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Animated Cockroach Movie premise

Why the insides of pipe would be painted different collors.
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My friend/boss used to work in a PAINT FACTORY.

They made all kinds of paint. They made mistakes making paint. If you make a mistake on thousand gallon batch of paint it can be expensive.

They had to find a place to bury their mistakes. They sold a paint for the inside of pipes. It made the inside of pipes (conduits) slick so the wires could be pulled through easily. Because it did not matter what color the paint was, it was the ideal place to bury most mistakes.

So finally here's the premise:

So the smart cockroach saves the cockroach town by making a map of insides of miles of conduit based on their different ugly colors.

"two puke yellows, than Grandmother purple, than that brown stain everyone likes, to the spidery red, past the metal flake pink, and bob green is your uncle. "

popbottle, Oct 10 2015

Joe's Apartment http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0116707/
[Voice, Oct 10 2015]


       Ants and mice would be more kid friendly, but they don't quite have the yuck factor.   

       Besides Disney owns the rights to mice and ants.
popbottle, Oct 10 2015

       My expectations may have been too high from the title of this confusing idea. I'm lost, in other words.
blissmiss, Oct 10 2015

       Well I seem to be in the minority because I love this idea!
Loris, Oct 11 2015

       But [Loris], I didn't say I didn't like it. I just got confused. Maybe a simple explanation is all I need to love it. Maybe. Plus you can't be in the "minority" if there are only two people giving opinions, can you now, really?
blissmiss, Oct 11 2015

       This could work. It really could work.   

       As a suggestion, I think the pipes will be too limiting as an environment - no cinematic potential; plus you're only going to fill about 34% of a widescreen if the view is always circular. So maybe bring it out into a larger scenario - maybe an island somewhere. Then you'll really have something.   

       One other tweak - cockroaches are small, and have limited potential to either interact with or threaten other things/people. So maybe scale them up a little. For instance, you could make them dinosaur-size. In fact dinosaurs. They're big right now.   

       So, if you tweak it and go with dinosaurs on an island, this cockroaches-in-a-pipe movie is going to be a blockbuster.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 11 2015

       //I didn't say I didn't like it.//
But you didn't vote for it..

       //Maybe a simple explanation is all I need to love it.//   

       When I was young (maybe 4 years old) I went to see a film at the cinema - possibly called "Water Babies" or something like that. I got very bored at the start - it was all dreary live-action chimney-sweeping or something - and soon I was loudly asking to leave. But then the kid drowns, yet somehow ends up in an animated underwater grotto of singing fish and lobsters, and all was well.   

       So I see this film playing out the same way. The intro at the paint factory, with the pink-with-sparkles paint going wrong, and getting sent to the pipe factory. Now we follow the paint on its journey.
Travel by truck to the pipe factory, and a short clip of said paint getting introduced into lengths of pipe, and added to a huge and colourfully coated pile.
Somewhere around here is probably where we introduce the animated cockroaches etc. - probably a mixed species cast including a spider, a snail, a centipede, and their leader, a female cockroach. So then we follow the pipe as it gets installed and cabled in an action scene where our cartoon cast narrowly avoid getting squished. Then they wander the colourful pipes to cockroach town, which is in the fusebox or wherever, and meet a mapmaking cockroach. Talking together, they realise that cockroach town in in the path of destruction and have to undergo a creepy-crawly trek through the colourful pipes to their new home. The heroic cockroach leads prove their worth to each other and they evacuate to safety in the happy ending everyone is hoping for.
Loris, Oct 12 2015

       Ok, now I get it, somewhat better. I've reserved this rainbow bun just for this occasion. Plop, now it's bunned.
blissmiss, Oct 12 2015

       As generally revolting as I find roaches, [+] for novelty. Who would have known what interesting uses failed paint could provide?
absterge, Oct 15 2015

       It's good that the prejudiced colours might actually get to reflect the light.
wjt, Oct 17 2015

       You might want to look into a lovable character "Tarakanishche" created by beloved Russian kid-lit author Kornei Chukovsky. A film adaptation of that would be adorable.
LoriZ, Oct 19 2015


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