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Buns don't kill people, Fishes do.

Halfbaked-GLC. You knows it. Safe as fuck.
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Buns don't kill people, Fishes do.
Ask any semi baker and they'll tell you that it's true.
It's a fact that 'baking make you bonkers
Like sensible po baking mad chocolate conkers.
But for fishy ideas benfrost is the man
From evil soap to vagina-jam.
He sits and invents things like Old Man's knob
Then just like GLC he goes out on the rob.
Late in the night with his 60 watt lamp on
His brain starts to churn up "my very first tampon"
But whenever you bone him, you give him his wish.
Buns don't kill people, it's just fish.
Fishrat, Jul 22 2005

The Goldie Lookin' Chain
Inspirational Welsh Rap [Fishrat, Jul 22 2005]


       [+] because GLC come from the same Gorforsaken mire as I do.
pooduck, Jul 22 2005

       Nice. Must get me some GLC.
wagster, Jul 22 2005

       Greater London Council?
po, Jul 22 2005

       Actually, imagining Red Ken rapping this might well improve it!
Fishrat, Jul 22 2005

       Evil Soap-bar! You Knows it!!
Minimal, Jul 22 2005


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