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Can we bake it?

(yes we can)
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Take your places
Can we bake it?
Yes we can

jutta the baker
(Can we bake it?)
-alx the baker
(Yes we can)

po, waugs and blissy
and UB too
angel and phoenix
join the crew
jutta and the gang
have so much fun
baking together
they get the job done

st3f the baker
(Can we bake it?)
calum the baker
(Yes we can)
gizmo the baker
(Can we bake it?)
mihali the baker
(Yes we can)

DrCurry gets busy
such a lot to do
baking and annotating
that idea's not new
jutta and the gang
they can really be found
online all day
'Til the sun goes down

rbl the baker
(Can we bake it?)
Susen the baker
(Yes we can)
8th of seven
(Can we bake it?)
absterge the baker
(Yes we can)


Oh dear,
can you bake it?
click, read a bit, post a little
okay, scroll down
thumbwax can tackle Mephista
look out 'cause here he comes

Can we concieve it? Yes
can we halfbake it? Yes
can we bake it? Yes

sappho the baker
(Can we bake it?)
thc the genius
(Yes we can)
Nick the baker
(Can we bake him?)
(Yes we can)

Bitching and moaning
trolls on the run
searching Google
we get the job done

Can we concieve it? Yes
can we halfbake it? Yes
can we bake it? Yes
all together now

yama the baker
(Can we bake it?)
fantastic! Yes, Yes, we can
Steve DeGroof
(Can we bake it?)
kaz the baker

(Can we bake it?)
quarter baker
(Yes we can)

We'd better get some woik done...

madradish, Aug 21 2002

Based on... http://homepage.ntl...yrics/canwefix.html
Bob the builder (sorry jutta) [madradish, Aug 21 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Well I had anyway, this one's a bit simplistic. Hopefully I'll finish some better ones soon!
madradish, Aug 21 2002


       good work, madradish. I must admit to not being familiar with the original song so thanks for the link.
Susen, Aug 21 2002

       Sp: woik
mmmmm.... what a flaky bunch
thumbwax, Aug 21 2002

       You know, I'm not really the baker here, more of the janitor. I think it would be more appropriate if you replaced some of the 24 [thanks, thumbwax, just wanted to check if you're still awake] repetitions of my name with the names of the people who actually do all of the hard work.
jutta, Aug 21 2002

       24, actually - you counting the apology too?
thumbwax, Aug 21 2002

       Ok jutta, your wish is my command.
madradish, Aug 21 2002

       just remember that jutta is a baker as well as a janitor and a dear friend to all of us - am nearing my HB birthday so I hope she will forgive me.
po, Aug 21 2002

       Ok, that brings it down to 5 mentions (including apology). I hope that this is acceptable?   

       It does look rather like a who's who list now tho'
madradish, Aug 21 2002

       no 1/4baker <pouts>
po, Aug 21 2002

       You left _me_ out. Despite the date on my profile, i've been "lurking" here since april.
BinaryCookies, Aug 21 2002

       ooops! Bliss I accidently deleted your anno (I meant to hit annotate) sorry. I can always take you out of the song and replace you with BC if you want<g>   

       po: fixed!
madradish, Aug 21 2002

       No, [blissmiss] deserves a spot before me.
BinaryCookies, Aug 21 2002

       <edit>I know.</edit>
madradish, Aug 21 2002

       You mention my name, I give you a croissant. Yes, I am that shallow.   

       Madradish, your next challenge is "Can I Bake It?" to the tune of "Can I Kick It?" by A Tribe Called Quest, which is what I thought the tune would be when I saw the idea name.
calum, Aug 22 2002

       calum, I'm looking at the lyrics. They're quite funny...   

       ..."a life filled with *HORN* that's what I love"...   

       ...but I'm not sure how I would adapt them and I don't know the tune. Why don't you give it a go.
madradish, Aug 22 2002


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