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Burger Time Restaurant

Mixing a classic video game with a classic bacon cheeseburger
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I'm sure most of us remember the old arcade game Burger Time, where you play a chef who must elude horrifying atrocities such as eggs, hot dogs, and of course despicable pickles (sorry, that just sounds cool) in an attempt to create the world's biggest, albeit rather lacking in culinary fortitude, hamburgers. I mean, seriously, who orders a burger with just cheese and lettuce?

While enjoying another leafy green vegetable, a thought occured: why the hell isn't this game used to order burgers? And it came to pass that the voice in my head said, "venture out, young warrior, and speak unto thy fellow man that they might understand the wisdom of the Bur-Ger Time, for glory shall come to all who maketh a burger with games of video." Then it said some stuff about setting fires and videotaping the people tied up in my basement in a reenactment of an unreleased scene from CHiPs where Ponch accidentally blows up a tanker truck smuggling children from Mexico, but those are tales for another time.

"But Afro, I've already read two paragraphs and I don't really know what you're trying to say exactly." Well, my friend, me neither. Oh, wait, this is my idea...move on to paragraph four, please.

Remake the classic arcade game Burger Time with new features: more ingredients (tomatoes, bacon, onions, etc.), condiments (ketchup/catsup/birhgby, mayonnaise, mustard), and possibly even a bonus round in which you can make your burger a double or triple, and possibly add fries or a shake. Now, the part you probably figured out a long time ago: the burger you make is the burger you get. If you get brutally murdered by the nefarious foods in pursuit, that's it. You get as much on your burger as you were able to successfully make. The pricing could be done several ways as well. Perhaps you pay a flat fee, and certain extras/ingredients cost more, or the bonus rounds are extremely difficult, so you could get a cheap ass burger with EVERYTHING if you're good. Or perhaps it would operate on a currency-to-skill ratio. The more money you put in, the easier it is to play (and therefore you could get a bigger burger easier).
AfroAssault, Nov 13 2004

BURGER TIME! http://images.webma...s/B/yBurgerTime.png
YES! [AfroAssault, Nov 13 2004]

Menu? http://www.crazykon...rTimeScreenPicB.jpg
modify this with prices and IT'S A FRIGGIN' MENU! [AfroAssault, Nov 13 2004]

Plates? http://designhead.n.../placesettings.html
Out-of-place settings, more likely. [jutta, Jun 27 2007]


       When do they explode?
waugsqueke, Nov 13 2004

       //unreleased scene from CHiPs where Ponch accidentally blows up a tanker truck//

Right there.
AfroAssault, Nov 13 2004

       you just make me smile! I cannot help myself...
po, Nov 13 2004

       I got the burger, ketchup, lettuce, tomatoes and even the yummy relish. But it was game over before the bun....ugh.
wagster, Nov 13 2004

       Sigh. I want to write like that. +
bristolz, Nov 13 2004

       If you play the bonus round for fries and don’t complete the round, you could wind up 2 fries shy of a happy meal.
Shz, Nov 13 2004

       Don't worry Bris - lots of us want to draw like you.   

       Some can shimmy and some can shake.
wagster, Nov 13 2004

DesertFox, Nov 14 2004

       Who the hell'd want to end up...   

       No beetroot, no sale!!
ConsulFlaminicus, Nov 15 2004

       what an enchanting game burger time was. a bun (and lettuce) to continue the enchantment.
benfrost, Nov 15 2004

       I was raised by video games. Now I will never go hungry again - thank you [Afro]!
DocBrown, Nov 15 2004

       Just don't ask him for a quarter; you don't want to know where it is.
AfroAssault, Nov 16 2004

       Oh, man, I'm so hungry right now...could we expand the game to other kinds of sandwiches? I wanna turkey-cheese-an-onion. Real bad.
Eugene, Nov 16 2004

       Afro's back! yay! ...oh, and Eugene has the munchies...
david_scothern, Nov 16 2004

       "I'll gladly pay you Friday...", + (veggie pattie version)?
blissmiss, Nov 16 2004

       Mmmmmmm, burgers.
Machiavelli, Nov 16 2004

       Wow, no wonder people missed having you around so badly [Afro]. [+]
Pericles, Nov 17 2004

       You could take this idea into other cultures. The curry game, sushi ect.
sufc, Nov 18 2004

       Praise be! This idea is the only place you can find +birhgby.+
thumbwax, Nov 20 2004

       <looks at watch, hmmm. only 7 days late, wax!>
po, Nov 20 2004

       I also googled birhgby. Now I am possessed by an insatiable craving for birhgby. How can I ever eat a mundane, plebian burger again?   

       just a little birhgby....
bungston, Nov 21 2004

       wait....if you google birhgby, the only page you get is this one. I want to know what birhgby is. Or is everyone here just messing with my head. My father always said I needed more visits from the clue fairy
tduff, Nov 22 2004

       If you find out about birhgby, then you will want some. And there is already not enough for me. I recommend you go buy yourself a bag of those Circus Peanut candies, [tduff], and try to be content.
bungston, Nov 22 2004

       //unreleased scene from CHiPs where Ponch accidentally blows up a tanker truck//   

       What happens to Ponch? I don't remember that episode.
jaksplat, Apr 19 2005

       //What happens to Ponch?//   

       He gets "1948ized" by an unchecked government, and takes a drink.
disbomber, Apr 19 2005

       //He gets "1948ized"//
He was assassinated by Nathuram Godse?
AfroAssault, Apr 19 2005

       Another gem. Well done!
Soterios, Apr 19 2005

       Pricing suggestion: Start with a base fee, and deduct $AMOUNT for each item added. The closer you get to a free, deluxe burger, the more difficult the game becomes.
Noexit, Apr 19 2005

       Nathuram Godse killed Ponch too? That bastard! Who's he gonna killl next? Santa Claus?
jaksplat, Apr 20 2005


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