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Centrifugal Cafe

Artificial gravity generated by rotating restaurant that serves partially digested food accelerates dining experience
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With McDonalds now located in 112 countries and principalities worldwide, one can find a fast food joint just about anywhere he travels. But is the food *really* fast enough? Sure, it's prepared before you order, and you might even receive it before your electronic payment is complete, but ordering the food is just the half of it. What about all that measured mastication, sluggish swallowing, and pokey peristalsis that one must perform before he has completely ingested his meal and is out the door?

To aid the digestive process, I propose that a restaurant should be constructed in the form of a giant bucket centrifuge. The artificial gravity works to pull the meal through the gullet and into the stomach. The proteins in the meals are all partially digested so that the customer doesn't feel full for long after he is finished eating.

Once a customer has purchased his meal, he is seated in a personal bucket (there are no booth buckets; all mandible movement is to be utilized for chewing and not for conversing) that is lowered down through the central shaft and into the rotor. The bucket slowly slides outward and tilts towards the horizontal until it reaches the outer rim of the centrifuge. The moment the customer is finished eating, he presses the stop button on his bucket and it slides back in to the central shaft, back to the stationary lobby area.

A meal that is constantly accelerating several times faster than it normally would -- now that's what I call fast food!

Cuit_au_Four, Apr 09 2013


       Just drop that Big Mac, fries and milkshake into a blender for 30 seconds, then drink it: McSmoothie!
whlanteigne, Apr 09 2013


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