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Bus-ride Booster

Low-cost lottery might reduce gridlock
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As with most, even middle-sized cities, mine gets into near grid-lock about once a week.

How about this to give bus systems a cheap kick in the bus ... use the serial number on your machine-delivered ticket as a lottery number.

The devil's in the details of course, a lot of small ones and few biggies such as getting official approval for yet another lottery in my gambling-obsessed country. Is there one that isn't the same these days?

And getting anywhere on time now is a daily gamble, so why not sit back and watch the screen for your lucky number to flick up.

That's one way at least of operating TransLotto.

Over to you, Halfbakers!

rayfo, Sep 27 2000

(?) Same idea at www.idea-a-day.com http://www.idea-a-d...playDate=06/03/2001
Half a year later. [jutta, Sep 27 2000]


       I like this idea. In Taiwan, there is a lotto made up of sales receipts. This keeps shops from selling stuff under the counter.   

       You could also put in some sort of treasure hunt element. So *Vital Clues* would show up on the inside reader boards of certain bus lines each month.
tenhand, Sep 27 2000

       Sometimes, just catching the bus is enough of a crap shoot.
centauri, Sep 27 2000


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