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Bus fare ATM scan

ATM device on bus that would scan your bank card to charge your fare.
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While getting on a bus you could use your bank check ATM card (in USA) to charge your fare to your bank account. This would eliminate buying a weekly or monthly pass. You could get the same discount for a monthly pass if it was scanned your fare as often. It would eliminate waste of money if you got sick and couldn't ride the bus to work for a few days. As well as not having to have the exact change or no change for fare. How they could hook up the electronic transfer is the bus companies problem. I don't care as long as it only charges for a single fare each time boarding the bus. I would hate to have my personal bank account paying the CEO salary of the bus company because they managed to clean me out with one swipe of my card. When I think about it, maybe they should pay the CEO's with what's in my bank account then maybe they would have to ride the bus to work and understand what it's like riding that filthy piece of stinky junk they call a bus.....yours truly Pikkukani
Pikkukani, Jan 09 2004


       I swear I first read this as Bus Fare ATM Scam, and I was thinking, why bother?
theircompetitor, Jan 09 2004

       NYC uses Metrocard, which is a dedicated card which you can recharge with cash or credit card or throw out.
theircompetitor, Jan 09 2004

       london now has oystercard which has the same stored value concept you're after.
neilp, Jan 09 2004


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