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Bus Meeting Room

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At the office I work at we are very short of meeting rooms. This idea is for a service which allows you to outsource your meeting room requirements. You would book a 'room' and, at the appointed time a large bus would turn up, fitted out inside as a meeting room. This bus could park in your car park for the duration of the meeting or alternatively, take you on a tour of the local neighbourhood before dropping you back at your place of work when the time booked for the meeting is up.

Tangential advantages of this idea are that (1) the fact that after an hour (or however long the meeting is booked for) you're going to be thrown off the bus will encourage people to not allow meetings to overrun, (2) on sunny days it could be rather nice to have your regular weekly team meeting on the top deck of open-top double-decker bus as it tours round local sights, (3) water, tea, coffee and biscuits will of course be provided on the bus, but if your meeting needs a bit more fuel the bus will stop at any local food establishent to pick up supplies.
hippo, Apr 13 2007


       I love this. The bus could also drive around to pick up participants from other organisations to save you all having to convene at a particular spot.
-alx, Apr 13 2007

       When I was working for the council last year we had a consultation bus for residents. Simply drove it around estates, took on passengers and had meetings. Very similar really.
theleopard, Apr 13 2007

       There is a school of thought that the immediate environment impacts on the behaviour of the individuals in that environment. People behave in certain ways not because of the others present, but because of the associations they have with the architecture, surroundings usw. If this theory is correct, then it may be that, in any given meeting, there will be a subset of attendees who gravitate towards the back of the bus and sit there, growling and clawing with yellow-nailed fingers at their "downstairs below departments", taking occasional swigs at giant bottles of cheap cider. Now, while this may be uncommon behaviour for the majority of businessmen and women in a regular office setting, I understand that this is pretty much typical for workers in the public sector and, as such, the bus meeting room is ideally suited to them.
calum, Apr 13 2007

       [+] brilliant in its simplicity
sprogga, Apr 14 2007


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