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Bus Stop SplashGuard

For bus stops where curbside puddles tend to accumulate during rainstorms.
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Very simple, really. A thin plastic, fiberglass, wood, or metal board mounted on the streetside of the sidewalk about a meter high and 2-4 meters long in front of bus stops, leaning slightly outward towards the street, to protect travellers from asshole motorists who seem to think it's funny to deliberately splash people on the side of the street with the filthy road runoff that accumulates by the curb. Budget and funding limitations be damned, I'll build the fucking things myself if I have to.

That is all.

21 Quest, Jun 05 2012

you could stand on the other side of this http://www.directen...images/2/3293LG.jpg
[xandram, Jun 06 2012]


       Ah yes, lost my only cigarette to a couple of assholes thirty years ago in exactly that manner. They thought it was funny. I'll help you build them.
normzone, Jun 05 2012

       Ya know, the really damnable thing about it is that I'm less bothered by being made cold and wet as I am by getting my clothes stained by the dirty water.
21 Quest, Jun 05 2012

       There must be more than 3 ways solve this:

       1) your way;
2) digging tunnels to drain the water, so there's nothing to splash;
3) creating a conditional speed limit sign (valid on rainy days only), with automatic speed measuring machine,

       What else? Hmm.. But I like your simple way.
Inyuki, Jun 06 2012

       4) Buy a car so you don't have to wait for the bus in the rain like a sucker…
ytk, Jun 06 2012

       I was thinking they could just turn those glass bus shelters around to face the sidewalk instead of the street!
xandram, Jun 06 2012

       I remember crouching quickly behind an opened golf umbrella to avoid this very problem, one day. I was the only person in the vicinity who remained dry. One woman had water brimming over the edge of her handbag after the bus had gone past and emptied the puddle in our direction.
UnaBubba, Jun 06 2012

       You could always try Kneebrellas.
skinflaps, Jun 06 2012

       That bus stop design in the link is truly inspired. If I were a wishing man, I'd wish for one of those at every stop in my town. However, the cost of something like that would definitely be prohibitive here. The idea I'm going for is something rough and ready that'll get the job done, something that the ordinary citizen can put to together as a DIY project if the city won't fund it.
21 Quest, Jun 06 2012

       That image looks like somewhere in Germany.
UnaBubba, Jun 06 2012

       That doesn't surprise me. Ze Germans are quite advanced in a lot of ways
21 Quest, Jun 07 2012

       // If I were a wishing man, I'd wish for one of those at every stop in my town.

       In the meantime, you can set forth a proposition to drive on the sidewalks and walk on the streets.
Cuit_au_Four, Jun 07 2012

       I'm currently in the process of moving a petition to allow me park on a parkway and drive through a driveway.
21 Quest, Jun 07 2012

       Perhaps one could carry a small plastic bag of superabsorbent polymer powder. Sprinkle a bit into the curbside puddle and transform the puddle into a gelatinous and homogenous goo that breaks down in a few hours. Either that, or custard powder.
AusCan531, Jun 07 2012

       You can't use custard powder, silly... it just turns into speed bumps.

       Then, later, it dries out and turns into dust and the clowns fro the Dept of Environment, Sustainable Stationery Purchasing and Solar Panel Rebate Reduction run around and fine everyone who breathed in the dust.
UnaBubba, Jun 08 2012


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