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handdryers as handwarmers

Use washroom handryers as handwarmers in bus shelters
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This is NOT a new invention, just a new use for an old invention. Handdryers in public washrooms blow hot air to dry hands. Why not use them in bus shelters (which are never heated) so people can warm their hands and faces on freezing winter days? If cost is a problem, you could make them coin operated, so for 25 cents you get 2 or 3 minutes of warmth. When I was a student, waiting for a bus in Toronto, in February, I would have paid it.

(I know: insulating and heating bus shelters would be better, but try convincing city councillors in North America to pay for it. This would provide heat-on-demand.)

madpoet, Aug 28 2007


       Around here, many waiting areas (train stations, street canopies, some bus stops) are fitted with radiant heaters. Maybe you should just move?   

       But this does seem like a good idea.
DrCurry, Aug 28 2007

       Dare I suggest, evil laugh activated? (+)   

       I think one of the reasons they don't heat bus shelters is that it would encourage people to sleep there.   

       In Dubai they've started to introduce air conditioned bus shelters.
marklar, Aug 29 2007

       This needs a hot water bottle vending machine.
skinflaps, Aug 29 2007

       the thin edge of the wedge - people will be warming their feet or worse.
po, Aug 29 2007

       Nice idea and could have a solar panel roof to provide the energy (though these would only last about two seconds where I live) +
xenzag, Aug 29 2007

       I already do this whenever I'm near a handdryer; my hands tend to be chronically cold.   

       It's also good for warming gloves before putting them on.
dbmag9, Mar 25 2008


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