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Bus transport

The staying-awake problem
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Increasing numbers are giving up their cars for bus or train commuting and they usually say how relaxing it is after a day at work.

In fact they often fall asleep and miss their stop.

In the old days, I’m told, some sleepy UK train passengers used to put a card in their hat-band with their station written on it.

Non-sleepy nearby passengers would wake them.

The practice apparently went out of use when UK workmen began wearing caps instead of hats.

I often fall asleep in the bus too these days and go past my stop.

Last time I used the bus I tried to keep awake by halfbaking an electronic method of pre-setting the stop signal.

I got no further than dreaming of a wakeup-sounding, ruggedised, touch-screen route-map on the back of each seat, with which to program one’s stop - and fell asleep.

rayfo, Apr 01 2001

Half Baked http://www.halfbake..._20Commuter_20Waker
Funny. I went to search for a real product that I once saw and this came up in my first page of results. [blahginger, Apr 01 2001]

Alarm-Me: A Location Alarm / GPS Alarm https://play.google...m_me&hl=en_GB&gl=US
[Skewed, Apr 01 2021]


       The modern way to do this might be to have a GPS-triggered alarm on your phone
hippo, Apr 01 2021

       Excellent idea, [hippo]. It would probably work best if integrated with Google Maps, or similar.
pertinax, Apr 01 2021

       It's not really an idea, more like outlining a problem. And two decades of technological advance has not really come up with much in the way of solutions.
pocmloc, Apr 01 2021

       You want a digital touch screen alarm clock in the headrests?   

       What's wrong with an ordinary alarm clock, everyone has one in their mobile phone these days so what's the point?   

       //GPS-triggered alarm on your phone//   

       Ah! now that's good.   

       You should Google that & if no one's doe it already patent & develop it asap, there'd be money in that if you're the first one.   


       Sadly you're not though <link>
Skewed, Apr 01 2021

       I think they'd only have to if they were using Blackberry's code, I could be wrong of course.
Skewed, Apr 01 2021


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