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bus-nap system

Get your rest and to your destination.
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Taking advantage of the bus' tracking system (many buses here have the capability to track what stop it's arriving at, its schedule adherence, etc.), each seat is equipt with a small screen which allows you to scroll and specify your destination. Put on a pair of headphones and dream away. When you near your destination, the unit triggers the stop-request sign and wakes you with an alarm of your choice (piercing scream, alarm clock, insistent man/woman, elevator music, etc.). Could also be implemented for train and subway systems.
oatcake, May 21 2003

sleep like a horse... http://www.methodsh...nventions/stand.jpg
Such devices could also be installed along handrails for these sorts... [oatcake, Oct 05 2004]


       Changed slightly...
oatcake, May 21 2003

       Oh, crap again. I deleted another anno...itchy finger.   

       //A bus that you can actually get a seat on? That's an excellent idea! - Rods Tiger//   

       You don't need to sit to sleep... [link]   

       Man, those zany Japanese inventors need to get on halfbakery.
oatcake, May 21 2003

       Hm. There's nothing quite like sitting on the subway or a long distance bus and having the stranger next to you gently nod off and doze, by degrees leaning on your shoulder and drooling on your coat. (I used to know someone who commuted by bus from Staten Island; she carried a klaxon in her purse.)
DrCurry, May 21 2003

       Sorry, but how much wold that raise the price of my bus ticket?
Jolly_john, Jun 11 2004

       Not too much... the idea of a built-in headphone-based sound system is thoroughly baked on UK trains. Every minidisc player comes with a little LCD screen and jog-dial selector - that'd be all that was required. Combining the two would not be difficult, and you'd only need a single headless Linux box somewhere on the bus to control it all. (+)
david_scothern, Jun 11 2004


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