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Bus transport

The staying-awake problem
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Increasing numbers are giving up their cars for bus or train commuting and they usually say how relaxing it is after a day at work.

In fact they often fall asleep and miss their stop.

In the old days, I’m told, some sleepy UK train passengers used to put a card in their hat-band with their station written on it.

Non-sleepy nearby passengers would wake them.

The practice apparently went out of use when UK workmen began wearing caps instead of hats.

I often fall asleep in the bus too these days and go past my stop.

Last time I used the bus I tried to keep awake by halfbaking an electronic method of pre-setting the stop signal.

I got no further than dreaming of a wakeup-sounding, ruggedised, touch-screen route-map on the back of each seat, with which to program one’s stop - and fell asleep.

rayfo, Apr 01 2001

Half Baked http://www.halfbake..._20Commuter_20Waker
Funny. I went to search for a real product that I once saw and this came up in my first page of results. [blahginger, Apr 01 2001]

Alarm-Me: A Location Alarm / GPS Alarm https://play.google...m_me&hl=en_GB&gl=US
[Skewed, Apr 01 2021]

Patent from 2006 https://patents.goo...tent/US8412148B2/en
[a1, Apr 01 2021]


       The modern way to do this might be to have a GPS-triggered alarm on your phone
hippo, Apr 01 2021

       Excellent idea, [hippo]. It would probably work best if integrated with Google Maps, or similar.
pertinax, Apr 01 2021

       It's not really an idea, more like outlining a problem. And two decades of technological advance has not really come up with much in the way of solutions.
pocmloc, Apr 01 2021

       // gps triggered alarm // An app on my phone has this. It shows bus and train arrivals in realtime, and you can set an alarm for when the coach you’re on is nearly to your destination. Default is 1/3 of a mile but you can adjust it.
a1, Apr 01 2021

       You want a digital touch screen alarm clock in the headrests?   

       What's wrong with an ordinary alarm clock, everyone has one in their mobile phone these days so what's the point?   

       //GPS-triggered alarm on your phone//   

       Ah! now that's good.   

       You should Google that & if no one's doe it already patent & develop it asap, there'd be money in that if you're the first one.   


       Sadly you're not though <link>
Skewed, Apr 01 2021

       Research in Motion (aka Blackberry) did patent this in 2006. I wonder if any app developers are paying royalties on it.
a1, Apr 01 2021

       I think they'd only have to if they were using Blackberry's code, I could be wrong of course.
Skewed, Apr 01 2021


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