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Business Card Flowers

cards that have contact info on them, folded into a bouquet
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instead of having a boring stack of rectangular business cards sitting on your desk, i suggest business cards that are folded to resemble flowers.

attached to stems and placed in a vase these offer an alternative to the more boring, traditional approach.

since these cards are more striking, they are more likely to cause their recipient to remember their origin.

tcarson, May 27 2006

Flower Petal Printer http://www.coolest-...wer-petal-printers/
Yup, there it is. (the widget, not the patent.) [m_Al_com, May 28 2006]


       Business card origami? Nice +
hidden truths, May 27 2006

       A nice addition to the selection of curious business cards, though far from the most original. In my hand right now I hold a foam banana advocating the use of a certain solicitor's business.
fridge duck, May 27 2006

       I remember reading somewhere about a patent for printing text and images onto flower petals... I'll have a rummage and try to dig it up. Of course this would limit the time for usability of a business card, though. Oh, bun, by the way.
m_Al_com, May 28 2006


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