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Business location guidance

Mashup tool to locate your business in the most productive area
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Area demographics, crime rates, industries, real estate costs, etc. would be used to create a Google Mashup to advise prospective business owners as to the best place to locate a business, or if the location they have selected is likely to produce.

Most business associations have calculated, from experience, the ideal area for their business type as applies to income, race, persons per square mile, proximity to like businesses etc. This information could be plugged into the mashup to pinpoint the ideal area for a business.

Idea created by and submitted for K. A. Cunningham

Sunstone, Aug 19 2009

Example source for demographic data http://www.city-dat.../Houston-Texas.html
A tool such as this could be used to create the mash up [Sunstone, Aug 19 2009]

Example mashups http://www.webmashu...s/Mapping/index.php
[Sunstone, Aug 19 2009]

Pitney Bowes Business Insight http://www.pbinsight.com
I think this company does the sort of thing being suggested [kaz, Aug 24 2009]


       I believe I read an article in the UK issue of WIRED recently about a company that tells people what towns are ideal for expanding their chain in to, and where in that particular destination will yield the best footfall.
I shall attempt to find the name of company.
kaz, Aug 21 2009

       Presence of absence of cursed indian graveyards, ley line intersections, buried prehuman temples and the like could also be useful in some circumstances.
bungston, Aug 21 2009

       I know this idea is baked for the residential real estate market by several companies but dont know any for businesses related. (didnt vote yet -- waiting for more discussion)
quantass, Aug 23 2009

       I draw your attention to my [link]. I can't tell if I'm misssing the point, or if I've managed to find the right thing.
kaz, Aug 24 2009


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