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Celebrity Poo Jammer

Reverse enema with celebrity's poo
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Many celebrities pay handsomly for an enema. Rather than let that waste go to waste, as it were, my idea is to bottle it. Then, build a machine to insert the celebrity's poo into someone else's anus (for a fee of course). That way a person could have a bit of their favorite celebrity in them, and also take the same dump that the celebrity took.
Crackpot, Jul 05 2007


       ... EW!
acurafan07, Jul 05 2007

       Celebrity Log Jam, Shirley.
marklar, Jul 05 2007

       That's just shitty and I don't really think it would work.
xandram, Jul 05 2007

       ...because I don't think you can RE-shit, shit that has been processed in someone else's body.
xandram, Jul 05 2007

Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 05 2007

       Vagina Jam doesn't seem so bad anymore.
Noexit, Jul 05 2007

       I fixed the enema spelling.   

       I think you'd be able to re-shit the shit, because if you shoved it in there, it would have to come out again somehow, and really there's only one way out.
Crackpot, Jul 06 2007

       OK, we despise the phenomenon of celebrity, but is this idea really the best retort we can come up with?
pertinax, Jul 06 2007

       Well, there is another saying--"eat shit"...
xandram, Jul 06 2007

       Disppointed - I thought this was going to be a device that blocked transmission of television signals.
nuclear hobo, Jul 06 2007

       What [etherman] said.
skinflaps, Jul 06 2007

       (-) because most celebs we read about have an eating disorder of some kind, and I dont think you can shove the runny stuff back up!
S-note, Jul 06 2007

       Eminemenema? That guy provides more shit than anyone.
craigts, Jul 06 2007

       indeed, also the the Black eyed poo's
S-note, Jul 06 2007

       So I won't be able to use this to tinterfere with all the crap newscasters transmit about Paris Hilton? That would be a device worth paying for.   

       As for me, I don't want anything to do with Bob Hope's stool sample, and I hope you won't be advertising this service anywhere I might catch wind of it.
ye_river_xiv, Jul 06 2007

       //have a bit of their favorite celebrity in them//
Fnaar,Fnaar, C'Yuck!
gnomethang, Jul 06 2007


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