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Butane-powered firewall for PC modders

oooh, turn dowm the lights!
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This idea is for those who build their own PCs or are into extensive PC modification. This would be a hardware-based firewall on a separate circuit board with a feed from a small butane cannister providing fuel for a ring of fire around the perimeter of the circuit board.

Obviously only really impressive if you've got a clear PC case, it would provide an obvious indicator of when your firewall was enabled. It could also be set to flare up when a malicious network packet was intercepted.
hippo, Jul 10 2004

A rather garish PC mod http://www.mini-itx.com/projects/rtl/
See this, and the other examples on this site. [hippo, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(?) Orac^3 http://bit-tech.net/article/135/
Coolest case mod EVAR! Though the firewall might be better. [5th Earth, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Beer! http://www.asciimat....nz/beer/index.html
Because 5th Eart is lazy and I can't quite be bothered to go to sleep. [RobertKidney, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

ALl the good one's on one page http://www.mini-itx...cts.asp#project0084
Same as hippo's link, but selection of different ones altogether [goff, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Or you could have the fake fire where you have celophane of orange and yellow in a fan with lights. Still a nice effect. +
sartep, Jul 11 2004

       [Tabs] Traditionally, yes, the aim of PC modding was to overclock but now modding is done for all sorts of other cosmetic purposes (see link).
hippo, Jul 11 2004

       Given that the fuel source can act as a refrigerant, [Tabs] may be on to something there. Attach the fuel canister to the CPU as an auxiliary heatsink to help carry away excess heat.
half, Jul 11 2004

       This could also be used as a flame grill if you modified the CD drive to accept toast ...
Aristotle, Jul 11 2004

       The suggestion to use it as a coolant reminds me of the jet-powered beer cooler. I can't be bothered to find a link, but a guy used propane evaporation to cool his beer, and to get rid of the propane vapor he made a turbojet out of a car's turbocharger.
5th Earth, Jul 11 2004

       Fire inside my PC sounds like an utterly reckless idea, but then so does water-cooling, and people seem to be able to get that to work, so why not? [+]   

       Also, why not extend the flame to around the whole motherboard, as some sort of crazed anti-physical tampering device. Entirely unnecessary, but it would look great.
iivix, Jul 11 2004

       Firewalls are originally intended to prevent unauthorized access to your pc, so why not mount the flame nozzle in the keyboard and employ this as a anti-user device?
venomx, Jul 11 2004

       I love the idea of a physical firewall, although gas leaks might be a little unpleasant.
RobertKidney, Jul 11 2004

       I hadn't thought about it properly before, but extending this idea to the 'corporate' firewall would require an entire building, rather than individual circuit boards or computers, to have a ring of fire around it...
hippo, Jul 15 2004


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